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About Hyperz#0001

I am a full stack web developer and software engineer. I have a passion for creating software that is intuitive and user friendly. I am currently looking for a job in the field of web development.

I am entirely self-taught as a programmer and have been writing software for over 2 years. I have a strong background in web development and have been working with various languages and frameworks.

I love to hunt, it is one of my favorite things, I also love the outdoors in general and I really enjoy camping and travelling!


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What do I know?

I know a multitude of different technologies and languages, and I am constantly learning new ones. I am always looking to expand my knowledge and tech stack!

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Hyperz Development

This is a company I established back in 2019, it is the place where I complete most of my projects and where I sell most of my products. I am the sole developer and owner of this company.



FirewallGG is a website and API that groups together databases of rule breakers, hackers, and trolls on Discord, and compiles them into a single database. Allowing stores to easily find if a user is blacklisted in the firewall before they make a purchase.


Big Benjamin

Big Ben Bot is a Discord bot that allows users to easily keep track of time. With multiple time zones available for each server, the bot will join your voice call, and chime once for every hour, so when it is 12:00, Big Ben will join and chime 12 times!


Standard Software Systems

This is a more wide-spread organization that I have started that is dedicated to providing free to use and open source software to the world! We have a team of developers, designers, and other people who are passionate about software and technology.


The Based Shop

This is a clothing line I started way back in 2020 during the COVID quarentine and lockdown. I started it with my friends and we just make funny shirts and other merchandise. The target audience is basically anyone who uses reddit.


PHS Cheerleading

I created the Petoskey High School cheerleading website for our cheer squad in highschool! This was by far one of the most design intensive websites I've probably ever built. It was a cool and fun project and I'm glad I was chosen to make it!



Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Michigan, USA. However I haven't decided if I want to stay in Michigan yet or not, it can get very cold up here.


What made you want to learn to code?

I've always loved computers and getting to see things that I do help others. Programming is something that allows me to use my brain to solve problems while also creating something new that can help others down the road!


How long did it take to learn your first language?

JavaScript took me 6 months, I'm entirely self taught, and really I am still learning new languages and technologies. I'm still venturing out into other JS frameworks as-well.


What do you use to program and write code?

I currently use my Windows 11 machine, and I use Visual Studio Code as my IDE. However I host all of my projects either on GitHub pages or on my own private Linux server.


How did you learn to code?

I set a goal, something small, then I used Google and stack overflow to complete it. Then I set a larger goal, and a larger one, and so on until I eventually just knew and had memorized the JavaScript language. I'm entirely self taught with no paid courses.


What is your end goal as a developer?

Build a portfolio for myself large enough to get a high paying job that will allow me to raise a family while doing what I love. My dream is to have a family of my own, and to do what I love.


Why did you choose Discord?

At the time it was a free to use community gaming platform. I liked to play video games, so I tried it out, I met other developers, and loved seeing what they could create. So, I started advertising and learning myself. It just turned into it's own little business.

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